How to Move Beyond BANT for Better Sales Results

By David Jacoby

Sales people rarely have enough time in the day to manage all of the activities expected of them. Whether it’s making prospecting calls, going on sales calls, creating proposals, or manage existing accounts, sales people are busy. But being busy doesn’t necessarily translate into sales results. The difference between high performing salespeople and average performers often comes down to basic time management skills. High performing salespeople are able to consistently allocate the majority of their time to the most promising sales opportunities, while average performers invest too much time in bad opportunities.

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How to Partner and Build a Long-Lasting Relationship with Procurement

By Ray Makela

Does negotiating with Procurement always need to be a struggle? Negotiating with Procurement is a topic that has received a significant amount of interest from our readers – from sales and procurement professionals alike.

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How to Best Respond to Positive and Negative Customer Feedback

By Marlaina Capes

Think of a recent sales call where you just presented your solution to a buyer. Assuming you have done an effective job of identifying the buyer’s needs and connected your solution to those needs, this buyer should say “yes”. Right?  Well not so fast.  

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