How to Effectively Get Your Prospect's Attention

By David Jacoby

Research consistently shows that organized, consistent, disciplined prospecting is the number one key to sales success. You can’t sit and wait for the phone to ring; you must be proactive and that means prospecting.

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Improving Win Rates with Better Closing Techniques

By Norman Behar

When I speak with sales leaders about improving sales performance, one of their most frequent comments is that they need their team to become better at closing business.  This need is typically amplified at the end of a quarter or fiscal year as sales organizations feel increased pressure to close deals.

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How to Set Realistic Prospecting Goals

By Marlaina Capes

Most sales teams I work with have a common prospecting challenge: the sales people dread prospecting, but their sales managers want them to do more prospecting. Of course the root cause of this problem is salespeople’s aversion to cold calling. As much as we like to think that prospecting has changed as a result of social media, the reality is that phone based prospecting is still the primary method of prospecting for many sales teams.  

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