4 Sales Management Lessons from a Girl Scout Troop Leader

By David Jacoby

Over the weekend my living room was converted into a Girl Scout Cookie warehouse and is now stacked floor to ceiling with boxes of Thin Mints, Samoas, Tagalongs and other cookie varieties. The reason for this transformation is that my wife is a Girl Scout troop leader and next week is the official kickoff of the 2015 Girl Scout cookie selling season. This is when approximately 1.5 million Girl Scouts across the country will officially start selling cookies. If all goes to plan, this army of Girl Scouts is expected to sell upwards of 200 million boxes of cookies, raising nearly $800 million.

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If I Had More Time I Would Have Written a Shorter Sales Presentation

By Ray Makela

One of my favorite quotes about writing has been attributed to many great authors, including Pascal, Cicero, Twain, Franklin, Thoreau, and others. Though it was said in different ways and different languages, the general premise is that “If I had more time I would have written a shorter letter.”  

The common theme is that making your communications more concise and more impactful is difficult.  It takes effort to simplify your message to just the important concepts.

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How to Manage Underperforming Sales Reps

By Norman Behar

One of the most difficult aspects of managing underperforming sales reps is determining what actions you should take as a manager if a salesperson isn’t meeting expectations. The reason this is so challenging is that we are dealing with multiple dynamics that influence sales behaviors and, ultimately, results.

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