13 Secrets to Avoid Discounting During Sales Negotiations

By Ray Makela

Discounting is expensive, yet in many sales transactions today it’s still the norm. All too often, sales people give discounts as a matter of course or they offer discounts as a last ditch effort to win the business. In either case, they destroy profit margins and, moreover, typically are not necessary to close the business.

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How to Leverage LinkedIn to Improve Your Prospecting Results (With Pictures)

By Alonso Chehade

Social Selling is a term that is popular these days, but what exactly does it mean and how do you do it?  Social selling is when the individual salespeople in an organization use social media such as LinkedIn to connect and interact directly with their buyers. 

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Four Factors for Determining Optimal Sales Training Classroom Size

By Marlaina Capes

Whenever we start a sales training project, our client inevitably asks, ”How many sales reps should we have in each class?” This is a straightforward question that is unfortunately difficult to answer. The reason is that optimal classroom size for a sales training program depends on numerous factors, so our answer is generally, “It depends.” 

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