Communicating Expectations: It’s What Great Leaders Do

By Jenner Marcucci

Abraham Lincoln was known for his uncanny knack to lead others – even those with whom he disagreed.  Click here for a great book on the subject. He was also known for his ability to simplify. One story goes that he would often line up troops from the most senior rank to the lowest.  He would then begin at the lowest ranking soldier and ask him to explain the next mission objective, and why they were pursuing that course.  If the lowest ranking soldier could not answer quickly with utmost confidence, Lincoln would berate the highest ranking leader.

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How to Get Business Results from Your Social Selling Program

By Ray Makela

It’s time to stop treating Social Selling as a shiny new object in sales enablement

With the hype and promise around Social Selling programs, it’s no wonder sales organizations are quick to jump onboard the social band-wagon. Unfortunately, these programs are often treated as stand-alone efforts or one-time initiatives that leave the sales leadership questioning whether they are producing any tangible results for the business. To make social selling stick, it needs to be integrated into existing sales training and enablement programs. It’s time for social selling to move beyond the shiny new object phase and be treated as a foundational selling skill.

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The WHY Behind Sales Coaching

By Norman Behar

Sales Coaching empowers sales reps to improve selling skills and close more business. This is very clear based on industry research that shows the relationship between companies that have coaching programs that exceed expectations and the percentage of sales rep achieving quota. 

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