Why You Need to Become the Chief Training Officer of Your Sales Team

By Ray Makela

One of the first lessons I was taught as a newly commissioned officer in the Navy was that the division officer (first level manager) was responsible for all the training and certifications of their crew members. This meant that it was my “job” to identify the training plan for my team and work with others to ensure that training was conducted (either formal or informal) to achieve the results. Or to quote my old Division Officer’s Guide“Division Officers are responsible for the individual training, counseling and education of their personnel.”

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The 30-Day LinkedIn Challenge for Sales Professionals

By Alonso Chehade

As SRG’s Director of Marketing, one of the most common questions I get from sales professionals is whether LinkedIn can really have an impact on sales performance. 

The answer is, of course, yes. According to research by Aberdeen group, social selling pros create more opportunities, are more likely to achieve quota, and are more productive.

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4 Steps That Will Help You Sell to Multiple Decision Makers

By David Jacoby

Here are a few common sales problems: you have gone through the entire sales process only to find out that the person you've been selling to isn't the “real” decision-maker; or maybe you were not able to gain access to the ultimate decision maker; or you've been working on an account, but the real decision process (who, when, how) is still unknown. Sound familiar? 

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