How to Best Respond to Positive and Negative Customer Feedback

By Marlaina Capes

Think of a recent sales call where you just presented your solution to a buyer. Assuming you have done an effective job of identifying the buyer’s needs and connected your solution to those needs, this buyer should say “yes”. Right?  Well not so fast.  

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How to Get Seasoned Sales Reps to Engage in Training

By Norman Behar

One of the greatest challenges many sales training initiatives face is that the participants (sales professionals) often feel that they don’t need more sales training. Before addressing this challenge, it is important to understand why they may have this visceral negative (and in some cases well placed) reaction.

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How to Use Anchoring to Your Advantage When Negotiating

By David Jacoby

One frequently discussed issue by negotiation experts is when should you make the first offer in a negotiation? Conventional wisdom is never make the first offer in a negotiation. After all, by making the first offer you risk “showing your cards” too early and leaving money on the table. On the other hand, there are many cases where it is to your advantage to make the first offer. So how do you know?  This answer depends on information.

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