The Secret to Persuasive Sales Presentations

By David Jacoby

According research conducted by the Chally Group, 39% of B2B buyers select a vendor according to the skills of the salesperson rather than price, quality, or service features. From the buyer’s perspective, one of the most visible indicators of the salesperson’s skill is the sales presentation.

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Transitioning from Sales Manager to Sales Leader

By Norman Behar

If you want to become a high impact sales manager, the type that consistently achieves great results with your sales team, you need to master key foundational management skills. These include developing the skills and techniques to (i) recruit and hire the right people, (ii) manage sales performance, (iii) manage the sales pipeline, (iv) coach and develop your team, and (iv) lead your team. These areas not only provide the foundation for sales management success, but also are the building blocks for career growth and advancement.

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The Most Important Trait to Look for When Hiring a Salesperson

By Ray Makela

It’s about Grit.

Grit is passion and perseverance to long term goals. According to Angela Lee Duckworth, “Grit” wins over IQ, EQ, raw talent, and education. In her fascinating TED talk, Angela outlines her research that looked at students, Army cadets, teachers and salespeople. Her findings are profound: Grit is a better predictor of success than any other factor.

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