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How to Ensure You're Hiring the Right Sales Training Company for Your Organization

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Once a company has identified the need for sales training, the next step is to navigate your way through all of the options that are available.  There are many companies that offer sales training in addition to other offerings, or specialize in sales training.   So how do you find the one that will be right for you?  These four guidelines will help.

How To Engage Millennials in Your Sales Training Program

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One of the biggest challenges senior sales leaders face is how to onboard and train millennials. This is particularly true for more established sales organizations who have used traditional classroom-based sales training programs as their primary method for training new sales hires.

Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Sales Training Provider

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People buy from people they like and trust, correct? That’s a given. But when you are making a sales training investment, you need to be more systematic in your selection process than just selecting a company that seems to be “easy to work with.” The following is a list of questions to consider before making an investment in a sales training program:

The Right Way to Onboard New Sales Managers

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It is often hard for the sales people to make the transition to sales manager.  Part of this challenge is attributable to the inherently different job functions of a salesperson and a sales managers (individual contributor vs. manager of others). 

6 Requirements to Running an Effective Sales Training Program

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At Sales Readiness Group, I have the opportunity to speak with current and prospective clients on a daily basis regarding what makes a sales training program effective.

Study Reveals Five Ways Sales Training Can Dramatically Improve Your Bottom Line

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Ask any sales training professional and they will tell you that a common question among key sales training stakeholders is “What ROI can we expect from a sales training program?”

Should I Promote My Top Salesperson to Sales Manager? Four Key Questions to Prevent Losing a Top Salesperson and Gaining a Bad Manager

questions before promoting top sales rep to sales manager

The transition from Sales Professional to Sales Manager is often a difficult one and a topic that has been discussed in our previous blogs here and here.  Why is it that a large percentage of these promoted stars fail within six months?  Perhaps organizations are promoting reps based on their “performance against quota” and not for the attributes and characteristics that are needed to perform the new job as a manager. 

Three Must-Have Techniques for Building Relationships that Drive Sales

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We all have heard the old sales adage: “People buy from people they like.”  And there is a significant body of social science research that supports this concept.  Why is this?  When you have a strong relationship with a customer, you tend to have more influence with that customer.  That means the customer respects your experience and advice, they are more likely to value your contribution to the decision process, and there is a greater chance of such customer becoming a “long-term” customer.

Four Components of a Strong Customer Value Proposition (w/ Examples)

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We’re all familiar with the term Value Proposition. Most often it is used to describe how your company differentiates itself from the competition.  A good Value Proposition is usually put together by the marketing department and is generic enough to be used in a variety of situations.   

5 Deal Coaching Questions Every Sales Manager Should Ask


Deal coaching often gets a bad rap because it frequently devolves into an unstructured discussions with no tangible outcomes or benefit to the salesperson or sales manager.  Salespeople get frustrated and defensive of their “golden opportunities”; and sales managers are frustrated that the salesperson is unable to clearly articulate why certain opportunities are stalling.  This is unfortunate since the upside for effective deal coaching is significant.

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