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How to Create a Highly Collaborative Sales Coaching Environment

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When most of us think of great coaches, the picture that frequently comes to mind is that of tough, no nonsense “field generals” – Vince Lombardi, John Wooden, or Joe Torre – screaming at players, officials and opponents.

Why Some Sales Managers Fail and How To Help Them

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Here is an all too familiar story: A sales organization needs to fill an open position for a frontline sales manager and decides to promote its brightest, best performing sales professional into this position.

What's the Best Way to Deliver Sales Training Programs?

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There is an ongoing, evolving debate about the best way to deliver sales training programs.  At the center of this debate is the ongoing tension among traditional instructor-led classroom training (ILT), virtual instructor-led training (VILT), and self-paced eLearning (eLearning).

6 Critical Sales Management Actions to Ensure Sales Training Sticks

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Organizations engage in sales training programs for numerous reasons. Despite best intentions, these programs too often fall short of the mark and fail to deliver the business results that the executive sponsors were originally looking for.

How to Identify an Effective Sales Management Training Program

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Too often we see sales leaders procure their sales management training program only to find out that it is just a reconfigured version of the sales training curriculum that includes “managers” in the title.

How to Deal with Sales Reps Who Don't Want To Be Coached

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One of the most frustrating aspects of sales coaching is dealing with sales reps who don’t want to be coached. We all have managed these types of sales people before. They get defensive when you provide feedback, deny they have a development need or try to deflect the blame for performance challenges.

How to Ensure You're Hiring the Right Sales Training Company for Your Organization

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Once a company has identified the need for sales training, the next step is to navigate your way through all of the options that are available.  There are many companies that offer sales training in addition to other offerings, or specialize in sales training.   So how do you find the one that will be right for you?  These four guidelines will help.

How To Engage Millennials in Your Sales Training Program

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One of the biggest challenges senior sales leaders face is how to onboard and train millennials. This is particularly true for more established sales organizations who have used traditional classroom-based sales training programs as their primary method for training new sales hires.

Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Sales Training Provider

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People buy from people they like and trust, correct? That’s a given. But when you are making a sales training investment, you need to be more systematic in your selection process than just selecting a company that seems to be “easy to work with.” The following is a list of questions to consider before making an investment in a sales training program:

The Right Way to Onboard New Sales Managers

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It is often hard for the sales people to make the transition to sales manager.  Part of this challenge is attributable to the inherently different job functions of a salesperson and a sales managers (individual contributor vs. manager of others). 

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