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Leveraging Technology to Improve
Sales Training

Traditional sales training methods are often ineffective and inconvenient for today's sales teams. Fortunately, new training technologies and strategies now make it possible to develop and deliver sustainable and convenient sales training programs. Learn how to leverage virtual sales training, social media tools, rapid eLearning, and much more. 

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Five Key Factors to Maximize Sales Training Effectiveness

US corporations spend approximately $20 billion annually on sales training but companies often question the ROI associated with their training programs. Learn how five key factors can make your sales training programs engaging, effective, and have a sustainable business impact.

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Dev Grt Fronline Mgrs

Developing Great Frontline Sales Managers

Developing Great Sales Managers High performing sales managers can have a profound impact on a company's sales results. But all too often training initiatives focus on sales people and not their sales managers.Maximize your training budget by developing great frontline sales managers

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Improve Sales Results with Sales Coaching

Learn best practices and strategies for developing an effective sales coaching program for your sales organization.

We'll show you how to close more deals faster, create a more engaged and effective sales force and build a culture for improved performance.

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What is Your Company's Sales DNA?

What is Your Company's Sales DNA Help your sales organization sustainable sales growth by identifying its unique Sales DNA.

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Cloud-Based Sales Training

Recent advances in cloud-based training technology are changing the rules of the game. Using virtual instructor-led training, sales organizations can now implement cost-effective Continuous Skills Development programs that drive sales results.

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Selling Power: Accelerate Ramp-Up Time of New Sales Reps

SRG CEO, Norman Behar, discusses how companies can accelerate sales rampup times with Selling Power's CEO and Founder, Gerhard Gschwandtner.

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