Sales Management Training

Managing a sales team is probably the most challenging position in any company, requiring a unique set of skills.

Unfortunately, most sales managers are not positioned to succeed because they lack the full complement of managerial skills necessary to manage their sales teams. More often than not, sales managers are former sales professionals (often star performers) who get promoted into management with little or no training in managing sales teams.

A comparison of sales and sales management skills:

Key Sales Management Abilities

The key driver of their long term success as a manager is their mastery of specific sales management skills.

SRG’s Comprehensive Sales Management program is a sales management training program that helps sales managers excel in the following critical sales management abilities:

  1. Managing sales performance by focusing on the underlying behaviors that drive sales results
  2. Sales coaching to help sales people develop their full potential
  3. Building a team of great sales professionals with the necessary skills and behaviors to be successful
  4. Leading and motivating their team

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