Comprehensive Sales Management (CSM)

  • Series of seven 2-hour live online sessions taught in SRG's Live Virtual Classroom.
  • Onsite instructor-led training: two day format, available for private group workshops.
  • On-Demand eLearning Programs
  • Blended programs

Onsite Instructor-Led Training

SRG is an industry leader in developing highly engaging sales management training and development programs. SRG’s training methodology is based on adult learning theory, and the training workshops are designed to promote rapid and sustainable adoption of sales management skills. In addition, our highly engaging facilitators provide real-time feedback, coaching and support during the training.

SRG is an industry leader in developing and delivering live virtual sales training. SRG’s training programs offer a highly interactive, hands-on training experience without the expense or inconvenience of travel. SRG’s instructional design allows participants to ask questions, and engage in discussions with the facilitator and the other participants. Engagement opportunities include group discussion, chat, polling, white boarding, exercises, role plays, and breakout rooms. Live virtual classroom is ideal for training delivery and ongoing reinforcement sessions.

On-Demand eLearning Reinforcement

SRG develops customized on-demand eLearning, assessments, and sales tools to support our clients learning objectives. These resources can be accessed 24/7 by program participants and provide a highly effective way to reinforce skills development and adoption.

Blended Programs:

SRG uses a blended learning approach to ensure that our training programs achieve sustainable results. Blended programs include a combination of onsite and/or live online program delivery, ongoing reinforcement, pre and post training assessments, and online sales tools.

SRG Can Help You Develop the Sales Skills of Your Team

Call us at 1-800-490-0715 or fill out the Contact Us form to learn how SRG can help youimplement a sales management training program that will produce sustainable results. 

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