How to Best Track & Evaluate Sales Training for Better Results

By Ray Makela

When we ask our clients about why they're embarking on sales training, we often hear that they "haven’t done it in a while", or because the “leadership team said we needed to.” Typically, it is tied to some goal of wanting to increase sales —but who doesn’t want to increase sales? While this is a valid reason, it is often difficult to determine whether the improved sales results are truly attributed to sales training or other factors. Is there a cause and effect, or is it just coincidence? 

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SRG Insights Episode 17: The #1 Trait to Look for in New Sales Hires

By Sales Readiness Group

Finding salespeople is easy but finding the right salespeople is a challenging task. Plus the cost of a bad hire is high. In this episode, Ray Makela talks about the number one trait to look for in a new sales hire, how to look for it, and how to develop it within your sales organization.

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Failing to Ask for The Sale: Why & How to Overcome It

By David Jacoby

Closing should be the easiest part of selling. It's the natural culmination of a sales conversation. You've helped the buyer identify a problem and then proposed a solution.

Nevertheless, I've met many sales professionals who in spite of having excellent selling skills are reluctant to ask for the sale. This reluctance can, of course, impair a sales career and be intensely frustrating to sales managers.

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