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Sales Management

As a sales manager, you have a limited amount bandwidth to go on joint sales calls with your sales reps. While going on joint calls with reps is important, if you have to be on every single meeting, you wouldn’t have time left over to be a manager.

Selling Skills | Building Relationships

Stop me if this sounds familiar: Your salesperson tells you that the first meeting with the major account was a success. The prospect loves the product! Fast forward a few more meetings with the buyer, and now the deal is bogging down. After another month or two, the deal finally dies.

Sales Training

COVID-19 has accelerated the move from traditional classroom-based sales training to virtual training. Participants' experience with virtual has been mixed. The unfortunate and inconvenient truth is that virtual sales training has struggled for years to produce the desired outcomes and return on investment that many programs promise. Challenges include lack of participant engagement, poor retention of concepts, and failure to create lasting behavior change in the real world.

Selling Skills

While COVID-19 has forced sales organizations to make a dramatic shift towards selling virtually, it hasn’t changed human nature. Fundamentally sound sales techniques work, whether the meeting is taking place in-person or on a Zoom call.

Sales Training | Sales Leadership | Sales Enablement

For decades, the annual Sales Kickoff (SKO) has served as the premier event for companies to bring their sales teams together to align around annual priorities and bond as a team. SKO agendas typically include the following elements:

Remote Selling

Is your team ready to sell virtually? Training for virtual selling is about a lot more than just slapping the name “Virtual” on the front of an existing selling skills program. It needs to address more than just the technology and a virtual meeting room application. It’s about adopting a different mindset, a different skillset and a different way of showing up for your customers. In a previous blog, we discussed the importance of the three E’s of Virtual Selling: Energy, Empathy and Engagement. Those qualities are critical to how you differentiate yourself in a virtual call. Nevertheless, there are many other items that can help ensure you’re prepared and ready for a virtual sales call. We’ve put together a short checklist and training program that will guarantee you’re ready for the Virtual Selling world.