Securing Quality “At Bats” To Improve Win Rates & Margins

By Norman Behar on Selling Skills, Call Planning

A common theme I hear from top sales executives is that we simply don’t get enough “quality at bats”.  A phrase in baseball most often used to refer to a batter's performance.

When I dig into what they mean by this statement I usually hear the following:

  • We're way too reactive (as opposed to proactive)
  • We wait to respond to RFPs instead of helping customers define their requirements
  • We lose on price because customers don’t understand the value we provide
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How to Improve Your Sales Hiring Success Rate

By Sales Readiness Group on Sales Management, Recruitment & Selection

On this episode, Mary Ann, MBA asks: In today's business landscape constantly changing e.g. new products, competition, changing workforce (boomers retiring, millennials moving up) and pressures to achieve sales targets/company goals, how do you make more informed, confident hiring decisions?

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Top Producer Analysis: How to Clone Star Sales Performers

By Ray Makela on Sales Management

I recently had the opportunity to hear Mike Kunkle, Senior Director of Sales Enablement at Brainshark, speak about Top-Producer Analysis (TPA). As usual, Mike’s talk was informative, thought-provoking, and memorable. This is information every sales leader and sales enablement professional should be considering if they’re looking to improve the performance of their sales team. I was left with several important takeaways:

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