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Jenner Marcucci

Jenner has over 20 years of Fortune 100 experience working with top-tier organizations. He is sought-after as a dynamic speaker, facilitator, consultant and coach. Jenner has an infectious enthusiasm for learning, listening, and solving. He has worked with several industry leading clients including Abbott, Allied Barton, Catalina, Novartis, Pfizer, and Westin.

Sales Management | Managing Performance

By: Jenner Marcucci
March 25th, 2015

Abraham Lincoln was known for his uncanny knack to lead others – even those with whom he disagreed. Click here for a great book on the subject. He was also known for his ability to simplify. One story goes that he would often line up troops from the most senior rank to the lowest. He would then begin at the lowest ranking soldier and ask him to explain the next mission objective, and why they were pursuing that course. If the lowest ranking soldier could not answer quickly with utmost confidence, Lincoln would berate the highest-ranking leader.