Marlaina Capes

Marlaina Capes is a Senior Director of Client Services at the Sales Readiness Group (SRG). She has over 20 years of experience helping organizations improve performance in the areas of sales skills and leadership development. At SRG, Marlaina has worked with industry leading clients including Abbott, AdRoll, Alcon, Catalina Marketing, FactSet, Johnson Financial Group, Maritz, RingCentral, Univision, and Valmont Industries.

Sales Management | Recruitment & Selection

Amazon is notorious for having a challenging hiring process. In fact, Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, once said “I’d rather interview 50 people and not hire anyone than hire the wrong person.”  Should sales managers be so picky when building their teams? Absolutely. Bad hiring decisions are easy to make but have long-term effects. We have all been in situations where we need to fill a position quickly and the candidate we hired seemed great during the interview process only to be a failure once on the job. As many sales managers have discovered, many salespeople do their best selling during the job interview process. Unfortunately, the consequences of a bad hire are severe: hiring expense, training costs, lost productivity, risk of losing customers, and so on.

Sales Management | Sales Coaching

Are you a good sales coach?  Many managers rarely give this question much thought, and that is a pity since sales coaching effectiveness is a key sales management ability.  If you can help your salespeople become more effective at selling, they will close more business, and rely on you less and less over time.  Think about: increased sales and less time putting out fires.  So how do you know if you are a good sales coach?  Below are three methods for you to assess your effectiveness as a coach:

Sales Training

There are many sales training programs to choose from and the investment is not insignificant. In order to find the best program for your sales team, spend the time evaluating which specific skills your sales reps need. While most sales training focuses on the sales process, be sure that the skills align with the needs of your reps. Here five components to consider when choosing a sales training program:

Selling Skills | Presenting Solutions

 We’re all familiar with the term Value Proposition. Most often it is used to describe how your company differentiates itself from the competition.  A good Value Proposition is usually put together by the marketing department and is generic enough to be used in a variety of situations.   

Selling Skills | Building Relationships

One of my favorite thought-provoking questions to ask a Sales Manager is “What do you think is the single most important selling skill for a salesperson?”

Selling Skills | Call Planning

Let’s face it: when we think of a great salesperson, we often think of that hard-charging, fast-talking, go-getter that is in constant motion. When you catch them on phone, they are either in an airport, or in their car just arriving at a meeting or just getting out of a meeting, and so it goes all day long.