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Ray Makela

By: Ray Makela on August 8th, 2014

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How to Identify an Effective Sales Management Training Program

Sales Training

Too often we see sales leaders procure their sales management training program only to find out that it is just a reconfigured version of the sales training curriculum that includes “managers” in the title.

Typically the program is heavy on training the manager’s role in enforcing the sales process and light on the other skills that are necessary to build, manage, develop and lead a high-performing sales team.

[Tweetable] A true Sales Management Training program should be more than just “Managing the Sales Process Training”, it should teach sales managers how to be good managers.

An effective sales management training program needs to be founded in a behavior-based performance management system that can be used in conjunction with any existing sales methodology. Training sales managers should be a lot more than just training someone in how to manage the steps and activities in a sales process – it should teach them how to be good managers first.

Sales Managers are often promoted into their role because they were exceptional sales professionals, but they may not have any background as a manager and lack the skills to adequately perform in their new role. An effective management training program focuses on addressing these skill gaps.

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So what are the key sales management abilities?

A good sales manager needs to be able to recruit and select the right talent, manage and set sales performance objectives, coach individuals to improve desired behaviors, and inspire and motivate the team.

These core topics go beyond teaching about how to manage the activities and steps of a sales process, they help to turn great sales professionals into great sales managers.

SRG's Managing Director, Ray Makela, is a proven business and sales leader with over 20 years of management, consulting, and sales experience. You can follow Ray on Twitter at @RayAMakela.


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Ray Makela is the General Manager of the Sales Readiness Group, A Part of SBI. He oversees all client engagements as well as serves as a senior facilitator on sales management, coaching, negotiation, and sales training workshops. Ray has over 20 years of management, consulting, and sales experience and writes frequently on best practices for coaching and developing sales teams.