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Building Relationships | Sales Coaching | Managing Performance

“I think that’s what it’s all about: embracing change and being brave.” While this line is very applicable to the events of this past year, it is actually taken from the Apple TV+ series “Ted Lasso.” The comedy is about an American football coach who moves to England after he’s hired to manage an English Premier League soccer team. Though the premise is somewhat absurd, his leadership philosophy struck a chord with me.

Sales Management | Managing Performance | Managing the Pipeline

Managing your team’s sales pipeline is both an art and a science – and that’s why it’s one of the most challenging aspects of sales management. At the heart of this challenge are differing perspectives as to what constitutes a healthy pipeline.

Sales Management | Managing Performance

One universal challenge of managing a remote sales team can be summed up with the simple question, “What do my sales reps do all day?” Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit and most sales reps are working from home, it’s even harder to answer that question. Let’s say I’m managing a remote team of five or six sales reps; how do I know if they are engaged and productive?

Sales Management | Managing Performance

Learn how to effectively communicate clear sales team expectations to ensure that your team understands what you want them to do and achieve.

Sales Management | Managing Performance

Managing sales performance is a fundamental sales management skill. Learn how to effectively manage sales behaviors to get your sales team to generate  great results consistently. 

Sales Management | Managing Performance

A look into each of the characteristics top performing sales teams have in common. Watch this video to help your team achieve their full potential.