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Sales training is proven to help your team close more business deals, stay competitive, avoid discounting, win bigger deals, and boost productivity. A well-designed sales training program gives your team the skills, tools, and techniques they need to become top performers. And for most sales leaders, driving topline performance is more than enough justification to invest in training. But sales training can also provide your organization with hidden benefits.

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What is the most expensive decision you can make as a frontline sales manager? Hands down, it's deciding who you'll bring onto your team as your next sales hire. Let's take the time to figure out what the cost per hire could look like.

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The great Resignation. Realignment. Reshuffling. Whatever you call it there is a lot of movement in sales organizations these days. Attracting and retaining talent is top of mind for most sales leaders we’ve talked to in 2022. One great source for sales talent hiring is new and recent college graduates: inexperienced, but bright and highly trainable. They represent the next generation of sales talent that will be entering the workforce.

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Hiring isn’t an exact science. Sometimes you think you have identified the perfect sales candidate, and it doesn’t pan out. Other times you aren’t quite sure whether the person will be a fit, and it does work. But within the high-stakes challenge of building a world-class sales organization, there are four things you can do to decrease uncertainty and increase your success rate.

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If you're a football fan, you're no doubt familiar with the woeful tale of Johnny Manziel’s brief professional football career. Manziel was a star college quarterback who won the Heisman trophy as a freshman in 2012. The Cleveland Browns later drafted him in the first round of the 2014 NFL draft, where he played for two injury-prone seasons in 2014-2015. Manziel’s time at Cleveland was plagued by questions about his behavior, work ethic, substance abuse, off-the-field problems, as well as his inability to translate his college game to the professional level. The impact on the Cleveland Browns was catastrophic. They wasted a precious first-round draft pick as well as lost time and money. Here is a description of how he hurt Cleveland as well as a litany of his bad behavior. 

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 Attention prospective salespeople—here’s a hint. If you want to work on my sales team, you have to show me you can sell.