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Remote Selling

Is your team ready to sell virtually? Training for virtual selling is about a lot more than just slapping the name “Virtual” on the front of an existing selling skills program. It needs to address more than just the technology and a virtual meeting room application. It’s about adopting a different mindset, a different skillset and a different way of showing up for your customers. In a previous blog, we discussed the importance of the three E’s of Virtual Selling: Energy, Empathy and Engagement. Those qualities are critical to how you differentiate yourself in a virtual call. Nevertheless, there are many other items that can help ensure you’re prepared and ready for a virtual sales call. We’ve put together a short checklist and training program that will guarantee you’re ready for the Virtual Selling world.

Selling Skills | Remote Selling

Whether your selling virtually or in-person, the first minutes of an initial sales call with a new prospect are critical. This is when you build rapport with the buyer. The COVID-19 pandemic has radically changed the ability of field reps and account executives to build rapport during face-to-face meetings. See here for how to connect with customers virtually. In addition to building a relationship with the buyer, your call opening, whether in-person or virtually, is also about establishing your credibility. That’s how you help the customer answer the question, “Why should I spend time with this salesperson?” You also increase the customer’s confidence that you will be able to solve their problem, and this will make them more likely to be open with you and share information. Here are three things you can do to establish your credibility on a virtual sales call.

Remote Selling

These days, we receive a lot of inquiries about how to help sales reps improve their ability to engage with clients effectively—given the constraint of not being able to meet in person.

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In this episode, our CEO Norman Behar shares best practices for managing a remote sales team. A challenge that sales managers have struggled with for years. Norman discusses the impact technology has had on the sales management function and shares techniques you can use to manage, coach, and lead a remote sales team.  

Sales Management | Remote Selling

Today, many sales managers and sales teams are almost constantly connected to their screens, devices, apps, and online tools. While these technologies are designed to improve sales effectiveness, I see two potential pitfalls when it comes to the proliferation of technology and selling.

Sales Management | Sales Leadership | Remote Selling

Given the rapid pace of technology and the efficiencies of working from a home office sales people are spending more time in the field working with their customers.