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During the pandemic, stuck at home with few restaurant options, I taught myself how to cook.

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For decades, the annual Sales Kickoff (SKO) has served as the premier event for companies to bring their sales teams together to align around annual priorities and bond as a team. SKO agendas typically include the following elements:

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As your company begins to hire new sales reps and looks for ways to accelerate their ramp-up time, while we would all like our reps to get on quota track faster, we have found that the “readiness” of the sales organization is critical to making this goal a reality.

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I recently had the opportunity to co-host a webinar on the Future of Sales Coaching (access recording here) with Jake Miller, Product Marketing Manager, at Allego. As part of the webinar, Jake shared some of Allego’s insights based on a survey Allego conducted of nearly 300 sales reps, managers, and enablement leaders on sales coaching. One key takeaway from this survey (see chart below) is that the #1 “ask” from sales reps was for more skills-based coaching.  

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In this episode, we discuss how sales is changing, how sales training needs to respond to the new complexities in the marketplace, and what salespeople need to do to adopt a learning mindset.

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The single greatest trend in software technology over the last 20 years ( was founded in 1999) has been the adoption of Software as a Service (SaaS) applications by corporations. On a daily basis, employees use a variety of SaaS applications to more efficiently manage their accounting, human resource, marketing, and sales functions.