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Sales Process | Sales Coaching

By: David Jacoby
September 19th, 2023

Today's sellers must be proficient in face-to-face and virtual selling. This means that sales success requires many skills. However, we can still identify the top skills cutting across all aspects of selling that will make closing come naturally. Let's dive into the five skills you need to succeed in this new sales environment.

Sales Process | Sales Management

By: David Jacoby
August 7th, 2023

Creating new sales opportunities and moving them efficiently through the sales process is a critical differentiator of high-performing sales teams. But how can you measure and improve your team’s effectiveness? One answer lies in understanding sales velocity - a key metric that offers valuable insights into the sales team's efficiency. Let’s look closer at its components and how to use it to drive better sales results.

Sales Process | Negotiating

By: Ray Makela
July 31st, 2023

As a sales leader, you know how important it is to work with Procurement to get a deal closed. However, navigating the procurement process can be difficult and time-consuming. By understanding the procurement process, identifying the business need, knowing who has authority, and being tenacious in your follow-up, your team will be in a better position to close deals on time. Let’s dive in on what sales reps can do to get to "yes" faster.

Sales Process

By: David Jacoby
July 17th, 2023

Today’s buyers don’t like to be “sold” or pitched. They would rather feel like they are in control of their purchase process. This is why the most successful sales professionals understand this and view their job as helping their customers buy and achieve their goals rather than pushing products. Let’s explore how to use this distinction to build a mindset for successful selling.

Sales Process | Building Relationships

By: Ray Makela
June 26th, 2023

Imagine a sales scenario where you truly understand your customers, build strong relationships, and consistently achieve sales success. What if there was a superpower that could make all of this possible? Enter active listening - a fundamental skill that goes beyond merely hearing words and transforms the way you engage with prospects and clients. Let’s dive into the art of active listening in sales and how it can elevate you to become a high-performing sales rep.

Sales Process | Managing Objections

By: Sales Readiness Group
June 8th, 2023

While objections are frustrating, they can be valuable opportunities to build trust, address concerns, and ultimately win the sale. By understanding the root causes of objections and adopting proactive strategies, sales reps can confidently navigate these challenges, leading to improved outcomes and stronger customer relationships. Let's delve into the art of handling and preventing unnecessary sales objections.