Selling Skills | Prospecting

By: David Jacoby
March 14th, 2023

Last weekend a strange man knocked at my front door. It turns out it was a painter named Steve with a unique specialty: painting your home address on the curb in front of your house. Steve wasn’t looking for my business...

Selling Skills | Closing | Developing Needs | Presenting Solutions

By: David Jacoby
September 26th, 2022

“Fall in love with the problem, not the solution.” That’s how Uri Levine, the co-founder of Waze, the world’s leading navigation app which Google acquired, boiled down the secret of successful entrepreneurship.

Selling Skills | Sales Training | Prospecting

By: David Jacoby
August 12th, 2022

In prospecting, the only thing worse than not setting a prospecting appointment is setting an appointment with the wrong prospect. Meeting with an unqualified prospect is a huge waste of time and can clog up your sales pipeline with bad opportunities. Increase your odds of prospecting success by only focusing on the most appropriate prospects for your solution. That means defining what the most valuable customer looks like for your company using a “reverse engineering” concept based on specific demographic criteria and certain behavioral characteristics. In marketing lingo, these criteria form an “ideal client profile” or ICP.

Selling Skills | Sales Training | Prospecting

By: David Jacoby
July 22nd, 2022

Back in the day, sales prospecting was a straightforward activity: 50 calls a day. Today, prospecting has evolved as everyone spends less time talking on the phone. The most notable change is the quantity of prospecting emails sent out by sales teams.

Selling Skills | Call Planning

By: Norman Behar
July 7th, 2022

Improving win rates is a priority for sales organizations because too much time and energy are spent on opportunities that fail to close.

Selling Skills | Sales Enablement

By: David Jacoby
June 24th, 2022

During the pandemic, stuck at home with few restaurant options, I taught myself how to cook.