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Sales Training Success Story

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"My favorite part of the program was role-playing. It simulated a true, real-life meeting or call, and how you get better in sales is to repeat those meetings and those calls."

Hiab USA, a company poised for substantial growth, recognized the need to bridge skill gaps in their sales team to achieve their ambitious goals up to 2027. Their primary focus was honing call objectives and prospecting to attract new customers. The Sales Readiness Group stood out due to our tailored approach, industry-specific language, and clear alignment with Hiab's objectives, fostering trust and rapport with the team.

Throughout the program, Hiab USA found the role-playing exercises particularly valuable, simulating real-life scenarios and enhancing their team's sales skills. By aiming for small but impactful skill improvements, Hiab USA anticipates significant revenue growth, potentially in the range of 10 to 20 million dollars, as they expand. 

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