Deliver Powerful Sales Presentations

 According to Chally Group, 39% of B2B buyers select a vendor according to the skills of the salesperson, rather than price, quality or service features.

High-impact presentations can significantly improve the impression a salesperson leaves with a customer. A presentation needs to be more than targeted to the customer’s needs – it must be conducted in a manner that is both engaging and attentive to the customer’s reactions.

In this webinar we share best practices and strategies for planning and delivering powerful sales presentations.

Learn how to:

  1. Fatal presentation mistakes you don’t want to make
  2. Techniques to deliver a presentation that converts
  3. How to engage your audience and keep them with you
  4. Critical components of a winning sales presentations

About Sales Readiness Group:

The Sales Readiness Group is an industry leading sales training company that helps Fortune 500 companies develop and deliver customized sales and sales management training programs. 


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