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Improve Sales Performance with Collaborative Learning

Learn how leading companies are using collaborative, online learning to improve sales performance.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, sales organizations have swiftly pivoted their business model to engage consumers virtually.

From a learning and development (L&D) perspective, the pandemic has accelerated the adoption of digital learning, thus, granting organizations a more effective, engaging, and scalable approach to develop high-performing, sales teams.

In this session, we discuss:

  • Adapting sales training to accommodate the changing nature of the business model.
  • Creating an engaging, training experience that will leave a lasting impact.
  • Collaborative, learning experiences that will influence better learning retention.
  • The multidimensional role sales managers have as a coach and skill reinforcer.

Transform Your Sales Team
into Peak Performers

Get award-winning, skills-based sales training for your entire organization—from sales reps to sales managers.