Recession-Proof Prospecting Strategies

A candid conversation about how to help sales teams rethink and revamp their prospecting strategies.

Are you a Sales Leader looking to turn challenging times into new opportunities? It all starts with the right prospecting strategies.

Uncertain economic times are making prospecting more challenging than ever with increased competition for bandwidth, intense financial scrutiny, and difficulty in attaining the attention of key executives.

In this session, you'll learn:

  • The unique challenges with prospecting during a slowing economy
  • The best way to track prospecting activities and results across your teams
  • Why you should rethink your ICP and target personas
  • Strategies to cut through the noise and gain the attention of your target audience

What others said about this session:

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"Solid usable information, reminders, and overall excellent."

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"Very relevant, very sales-oriented, real-talk that can help shape salespeople's perspective and behavior."

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"The content covered was relevant to my situation and the current market challenges."

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