Selling to the C-Suite in a Shifting Landscape

Learn key strategies when selling to the c-suite.

Today it's more complicated than ever to reach senior executives—now mostly working remotely. We need to change how we approach engaging CxOs in a digital world and deal with the usual protections provided by gatekeepers.

To add to that, corporate buyers have even more layers of influencers and other stakeholders in the buying process. That’s why getting early access to senior executives is critical to closing big deals faster.

In this session, we discussed:

  • Why access key executives?
  • What do top executives care about?
  • How to get more meetings with KEs?
  • What to do when you get there?

What others said about this session:

thumbs up 1-1

"Impressive insight on effective selling. Clear explanations about the ways sellers can accelerate the process by leveraging innovative tools and approaches. Honest about it being relatively "early days" in terms of the adoption of these new tools and solutions. RAMP made a lot of sense as did the recommendation to focus on skill-building and execution regardless of methodology. And I thought explaining the way the new technology is being used in the financial sector was compelling. Excellent job! A master class on selling in less than an hour."

thumbs up 1-1

"The information shared was immediately useable to incorporate into daily practices."

thumbs up 1-1

"Very helpful to hear from another C-Level about today's challenges with new communications methods."

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