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Supporting Sales Managers in a Hybrid Work Environment

Learn how to support sales managers to transform their teams into peak performers.

Sales teams have spent the last year-plus working remotely—and dealing with a variety of personal and business complications to stay on track. As we move into a more normalized environment, your sales managers can now lead their teams to new heights. But leading a sales team that produces results isn’t easy—and it can be even harder to drive sales performance when managing teams virtually.

In this session, you'll learn:

  • The challenges in the evolving world of sales managers
  • What success looks like for a sales manager
  • How to support sales managers to better motivate, manage and coach their teams in a hybrid work environment
  • How to get started with a sales manager enablement program

What others said about this session:

thumbs up 1-1

“Nice balance of informative slides, commentary on application, quizzes, and audience participation through chats."

thumbs up 1-1

“It addressed issues I am currently facing."

thumbs up 1-1

"Validated what I believe to be challenges of managing in a virtual/hybrid environment."

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