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The Power of Sales Enablement in a Post-Covid Era

How can sales enablement help their teams thrive in a new business era?

Sales teams have spent the last year-plus working remotely—and dealing with a variety of personal and business complications to stay on track. As we move into a more normalized environment, Sales Enablement Leaders can now lead their teams to new heights.               

In this session, you'll learn:

  • The power of sales enablement
  • A year full of key takeaways that still apply
  • Why a customer-centric approach is vital for revenue-growth
  • How to have the right conversations at the right time
  • How sales managers can drive these initiatives

What others said about this session:

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“Great content and very timely"

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“A lot of information on how to be successful"

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"Great formatting of information allowed me to take great notes!"

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