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What Credit Unions Need to Succeed in Today’s Market

A panel discussion on how credit unions can harness the power of technology to transform their operations and member service.

Whether or not we call it a recession, we all feel the increasing economic pressure this year has brought. With rising interest rates and inflation, consumers are even more careful with their dollars.

In this session, you'll learn:

  • The current state of the credit union industry
  • How the credit union members’ experience has changed
  • Why Credit Unions must adopt a consultative mindset
  • What can we do to optimize every member interaction
  • What do modern credit unions look like
  • Cultivating a member-centric sales culture

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Credit Union Sales Training

At SRG, we know how crucial it is for credit unions to transform their member experience. That's why we created our Consultative Conversations™ program to assist you.

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