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Because building an elite sales team starts with training effective sales managers

Give your frontline sales managers a complete framework, essential skills, and practical tools they need to build, manage, coach, and lead high-performing sales teams.



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Sales managers are the most important people on your sales team

They’re responsible for hiring the right people, producing sales results, making accurate sales forecasts, coaching middle performers to close more deals, and managing their teams to greater performance.

They directly impact your company’s ability to increase revenue and post consistent profits.

As markets become more competitive and sales cycles lengthen, having skilled, effective sales managers is more important than ever before.

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Though your managers are experienced, you've noticed that they aren't effective sales coaches

It’s not their fault. Research from SRG and Selling Power Magazine shows that 73% of sales managers don’t get the training they need to coach a high-performing sales team. So, even though they may have been great sales reps, they never learned how to become high-impact sales managers.

That’s because skills unique to the sales manager role get left out of more generic training programs.

This is what happens in most sales organizations:

Sales managers typically attend sales training with their teams (a good thing) plus some generic leadership training (also a good thing).

So, they’re getting solid training in some areas, just not the specific sales management training they need to manage a team and drive top-line results.

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That’s why leading global sales organizations choose...


The skills-based training program that gives frontline sales managers a complete framework, essential skills, and practical tools to build, coach, and lead a high-performing sales team.

The High-Impact Sales Manager program focuses on vital sales management skills. It’s a complete system that includes assessment, customization, engaging training, and ongoing reinforcement, so you get the lasting behavioral change that drives results.

Both newly promoted or experienced frontline sales managers can benefit from the highly interactive workshops featuring scenario-based learning, business-specific exercises, and role-playing.

With this sales management training program, you get a consistent approach and common language to align your entire sales organization.


This comprehensive training program creates sales managers that can drive top-line growth (even in an increasingly competitive market)

— Here’s how —

Sales managers get the skills they need
to lead high-performing teams

Your sales managers learn how to become better sales coaches, improve how they manage sales performance, hire sales stars, and motivate and lead their teams — all essential skills for managing a high-performing sales team.

How your sales managers will benefit...

  • Improve sales results by implementing a behaviorally-based performance management system
  • Learn how to prioritize management actions
  • Produce more accurate sales forecasts
  • Develop the full potential of your team with proven sales coaching techniques
  • Allocate coaching time based on ROI
  • Develop your leadership skills and leadership style
  • Understand what are the motivators for your sales team
  • Consistently hire sales stars.

The training is designed to be both practical and immediately actionable

The High-Impact Sales Manager is skills-based, not theoretical, so your sales managers get practical tools they can apply immediately.

We tailor the curriculum to your business needs with personalized case studies, relevant examples, and role-playing exercises to better prepare your team for real-world business challenges.

The best part is that this program can support your team no matter what sales process or methodology you use.

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New skills become lasting habits because reinforcement is built in

Effective sales management training is a process, not a one-time event. That's why, if you want training that sticks, choose a program that builds in ongoing reinforcement.

The High-Impact Sales Manager program includes post-training reinforcement sessions, job aides, and tools.

Instead of getting information that's lost after a couple of weeks, we help you create lasting behavioral change, so you can measurably improve sales performance and reach ambitious goals.


Busy sales teams benefit from flexible delivery formats — on-site, live online, on-demand, or blended

As your salesforce grows, sometimes it isn't easy to get all your managers in a single place at the same time.

With flexible training formats, you can accommodate sales managers who are beyond busy.

Get on-site, on-demand, or live online training—or choose a blended approach. It’s never been easier to launch a training program that fits the way your team works.

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Avvo says the High-Impact Sales Manager is...

“the perfect balance of richness of content, accessibility,
cost, and flexibility of what we needed”



“exceed our sales goal by $1.7M”

“I did on-site training the year before with another vendor, and it didn’t have the same impact as the SRG training. We exceed our annual sales goal by $1.7M... It absolutely impacted our sales growth.”

— Tom Monette, MEDTOX

“things people learned are being used”

“Since the trainings, we have continued the learning process through homework and reinforcement. We can see that the things people learned from SRG, especially about coaching and managing performance, are being used.”

— Paula Grace, RingCentral

“we have quadrupled our attendance”

“SRG’s live online training sessions allowed us to gather easily on the same day without travel. We have quadrupled our attendance.”

— Will Sheets, Valmont

“we have 100% participation”

“The sessions have also been fully embraced by our sales organization. We have 100% participation and a very positive buzz about the extreme helpfulness of the program."

— Jim Greenway, Lee Hecht Harrison

The results are in.

"The best training I've attended in 20 years of sales.”

Not only is this training effective, it's also engaging. Your sales managers will go into the field feeling energized, excited, and inspired.

Leading sales organizations across industries trust us to train their sales managers because they know...

Sales Readiness Group (SRG) is an industry-leading sales training company. We help improve the performance of sales teams by providing customized, skills-based training programs that produce sustainable behavior change. That’s why Selling Power Magazine has ranked us in their Top Sales Training Companies list for over a decade.