Negotiate Based on Value Instead of Price

In order to reach successful outcomes with today’s sophisticated and knowledgeable buyers, today’s sales professionals must now be master negotiators. That means excelling at challenging negotiation situations, whether it’s agreeing on the value of tradeable issues, managing buyers that ask for last minute concessions, or preventing discounting.

In this webinar we share best practices and strategies that you can use to empower your sales team to skillfully sell and negotiate the total value of your solution and minimizing discounting.

Learn how to:

  1. Reduce pricing pressure by building the value of your solution
  2. Collaboratively negotiate to build long-term relationships
  3. Use concessions strategically
  4. Manage manipulative negotiating tactics

About Sales Readiness Group:

The Sales Readiness Group is an industry leading sales training company that helps Fortune 500 companies develop and deliver customized sales and sales management training programs. 


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