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New Report Reveals Effective Sales Training Reduces Ramp-Up Time and Improves Close Rates

Download sales training research reportSEATTLE, WA — July 6, 2018 – A new research report, The Salesperson’s Perspective on the Impact of Sales Training, published by Sales Readiness Group and, revealed that companies with effective sales training programs were more likely to have faster ramp-up times, lower turnover, and higher close rates.

The insights in the report are based on self-reported answers provided by 287 sales professionals in business-to-business (B2B) roles. The report explores how much they value the training they received. This study intentionally surveyed sales professionals as opposed to Learning & Development professionals to collect the perspective of those in the job on how well the training they receive meets their needs.

Over 50 percent of the companies surveyed had over 1,000 employees and came from a wide array of industries. Nearly half of all respondents have been in their roles for more than five years, and the distribution of ages across workforce generations was relatively balanced across millennial, Generation X and Boomer employees.         

According to Sales Readiness Group CEO Ray Makela: “Our vision is that sales leaders and their learning and development counterparts will use this research report to better understand the business impact of sales training and to adapt their programs for increased effectiveness.”

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