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Sales Readiness Group Launches New Executive-Level Selling Training Program

SEATTLE—Today, Sales Readiness Group (SRG), a top sales training company, announced the launch of its new executive-level selling training program titled “Selling to Key Executives.”

Selling to Key Executives is a new, engaging workshop that equips sales professionals to sell to the executive-level buyer successfully. This advanced sales training program will benefit sales professionals, including sales executives, account managers, business development managers, and other sales professionals who engage with senior executives. The program can be delivered on-site, online, or as a blended training program and includes post-training reinforcement and application to ensure skill adoption and lasting behavior change.

Ray Makela, Sales Readiness Group CEO, noted that "Getting access to senior executives, the ones who control budgets and have decision-making authority, is critical to closing big deals faster. That's why we're excited to launch this executive-level training program to empower sales teams to gain access and achieve successful outcomes when selling at the highest level."

In SRG's Selling to Key Executives, participants learn how to:

  • Change their mindset from "vendor" to trusted advisor/strategic partner
  • Gain access to hard-to-reach senior executives
  • Identify problems key executives care about
  • Leverage three strategies to gain access
  • Prepare an executive-level sales presentation
  • Create an action plan to apply skills to their accounts

To learn more about how Selling to Key Executives empowers sales teams to win bigger deals faster, visit

About Sales Readiness Group

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