Sales Training Success Stories

"SRG was the perfect balance to us on the richness of content, accessibility, cost, and the flexibility of what we needed based on the environment for our business." Watch video


"SRG is easy to work with and very responsive. They took the time to understand our business and training priorities, and their customization process was very efficient. " Read full profile

"We would definitely refer SRG to other organizations. They are a “people first” firm that spends the time to create highly relevant programs for their clients.Read full profile 


"Their expertise in Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) resulted in a very realistic classroom setting and kept people engaged from start to finish." Read full profile 


"Participant feedback from the program was very positive, and the skills learned are fundamentally enhancing the way we interact with customers." 
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"I was very impressed with how quickly SRG was able to understand our business. They were immediately seen as credible in an organization that is typically resistant to third party training." Read full profile 

"Our instructor took the time, in advance, to interview people at RingCentral and customize the case studies to fit our audience. When people shared, our instructor acknowledged and built on every response." Read full profile

"SRG took time to custom tailor the curriculum to our industry and interviewed our staff to acquaint themselves with our market prior to the training." Read full profile 

"The people who have gone through the training program consistently provide excellent feedback and are putting the tools to work on a daily basis." Read full profile

"They incorporated important pieces from our culture into our training so the training complements and reinforces our culture, in addition to teaching new skills." Read full profile

"They are exceptional at asking great questions that get the conversation to the essence of the challenge that needs to be addressed in a timely manner." Read full time

"It is a pleasure to work with SRG. Their people are very helpful and responsive. They worked very hard to make sure that the training was customized to address our specific training requirements." Read full profile

"We were impressed with what SRG had to offer in terms of approach, content, pricing structure, and deliverables." Read full profile

"The modules included an audio and visual presentation. The audio was a lot like listening to play-by-play combined with color commentary in a sportscast." Read full time

"SRG has proven to be an experienced partner for consulting on areas such as how to align the selling skills methodology with our sales process, and methods to provide skills reinforcement." Read full profile 

"The value of the program for the time and expense invested was exponential. The process of assembling the program including the pre-work, content development and follow up was simple." Read full profile

"The SRG training focused on accountability rather than emotions, and we felt the training could have an immediate impact on our business." Read full profile 


"Through my experience, I've seen how SRG can guide a sales management team - providing them with tools and helping them focus on the right things to make a difference." Read full profile

"Their live online training decreased the lost man hours typically associated with off-site training and proved to be a much more cost-effective training format." Read full profile

"During our training, you could see how involved our team was – they were really working hard at it. And that is exactly what we were looking for." Read full profile


"SRG did a great job of preparing and delivering an outstanding program that provided our sales leaders the skills and techniques to proactively manage our sales team." Read full profile


"It was a very collaborative and everything took place on schedule. The SRG team was highly skilled and experienced, and their facilitators were knowledgeable and engaging." Read full profile


"All our managers are using the program tools in team meetings and their one-on-ones; and they all have said how easy it is to apply the skills they learned."
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"The SRG team did a great job learning our business, understanding our objectives, and helping us address our challenges." Read full profile 

"SRG was very willing to incorporate our sales process into the training based on the unique nature of our solutions and how they are sold." Read full profile


"Working with SRG is truly a collaboration. The SRG team worked to ensure that any modifications we requested were evaluated and incorporated into the training program." Read full profile


"What really stood out is that they were able to speak our lingo and understand our business before we even signed a contract." Read full profile


"They're not just subject matter experts, but they're true learning and development professionals. So they really know how to engage the learner so that it results in a changed behavior." Watch video


"Even our most experienced team members were receptive to the training and excited to apply what they learned in real-world selling situations." Read full profile


"We were blown away by the level of enthusiasm, active participation, and overall commitment demonstrated by our attendees throughout the training sessions." Read full profile