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How to Manage the Sales Pipeline During a Crisis

Are you watching your sales pipeline rapidly shrinking during the COVID-19 crisis?

Are your salespeople feeling demotivated from what were once promising deals getting postponed and even canceled?

Don’t panic; you’re not alone.

As a sales leader, it is crucial to be proactive and keep your reps focused on what they can control. Don’t let fear cloud their view on opportunities. Instead, coach them on how to evaluate each opportunity and guide them on the next steps.

In this complimentary training session, Ray Makela and Norman Behar, Managing Partners at the Sales Readiness Group, share what you can do to help your team keep opportunities alive and advanced stalled deals.

Watch now to learn how to:

Coach Your Team to Requalify Sales Opportunities
Determine What Deals are Stuck and Provide Guidance on Next Steps
Ensure that Your Team is Focusing on the Most Promising Opportunities
Avoid a Bloated Pipeline with Dormant Opportunities
Provide Accurate Forecasts that Reflect the New Reality

Here's what others are saying about this session:

"Clear and Concise, Gave a great roadmap for transition to rebuild pipelines."

"The presenters seemed very credible in their knowledge. Good speakers also. It was very easy to listen to them."

"Content was on-point. Relative to today's current environment."




Ray Makela

Ray Makela is an author, speaker, and business executive with 25 years of management, consulting, and sales experience. At Sales Readiness Group (SRG), Ray oversees all client engagements and the delivery of sales and sales management training programs. He has delivered programs for clients such as Alcon/Novartis, AIG, Sysco, Nielsen, Timken, Follett, Pandora, Ritchie Bros, HERE, Infor, Galderma, and Walmart.

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Norman Behar

Norman has over 25 years of CEO and senior sales management experience. He’s worked with clients in a wide range of industries, including financial services, healthcare, technology, manufacturing, and distribution. Before SRG, Norman served as President and CEO of Catapult, Inc., a leading provider of personal computer training services, where he oversaw operations and managed growth before the company’s acquisition by IBM.

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