Selling to the C-Suite in Today’s Digital World

Thursday, January 27, 2022, 11 AM PT (2 PM ET) |  See in Your Time Zone

Today it's more complicated than ever to reach senior executives—now mostly working remotely. We need to change how we approach engaging CxOs in a digital world and deal with the usual protections provided by gatekeepers. To add to that, corporate buyers have even more layers of influencers and other stakeholders in the buying process.

That’s why getting early access to senior executives is critical to closing big deals faster. In this new webinar, we'll cover essential strategies and tactics that modern sales teams are using to access and interact with hard-to-reach C-Level Executives. We'll even share a four-step process to gain access and be more effective when selling at the highest level.

Here's just a sample of what we'll answer for you on this webinar:

How do we get more meetings with CxOs, and what do we do when we get there?
What do top executives care about?
How to leverage video to build relationships with remote execs?
What are the biggest challenges when selling to key executives?
How can my team create more opportunities to sell higher in the organization?

Don't miss this expert webinar to help your sales team improve their results.


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Ray Makela, CEO at the Sales Readiness Group

Ray Makela is an author, speaker, and business executive with 25 years of management, consulting, and sales experience. At Sales Readiness Group (SRG), Ray is a frequent speaker and author on numerous sales training topics. He also manages strategic account relationships and oversees the delivery of sales and sales management training programs. He has delivered programs for clients such as Microsoft, Alcon, ABM Industries, and Walmart.



Tyler Lessard, VP of Marketing at Vidyard

Tyler is a sales and marketing executive with a passion for creative storytelling, data-driven marketing, and creating exceptional customer experiences. As VP of Marketing at Vidyard, he’s spent 6+ years immersed in the world of online video and content marketing, helping to define and share best practices for businesses. He’s a frequent speaker and author on topics spanning video marketing, content marketing, B2B sales, and account-based marketing.

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