Comprehensive Selling Skills Training

In Comprehensive Selling Skills, sales professionals learn how to identify the predictable five-stage Purchase Process every customer goes through when making purchasing decisions, and how to apply the appropriate selling skills and techniques at each stage of the Sales Process to close more business. Key skill areas include Prospecting for New Business, Call Planning, Identifying Priorities, Relating & Reinforcing Benefits, Managing Feedback, and Gaining Commitment

How Your Sales Team Will Benefit

  • Fill pipeline with more qualified appointments
  • Learn to align their sales process with the customers’ purchase process
  • Quickly build relationships with clients
  • Use pre-call research strategies to create greater customer interest
  • Identify customer’s key business priorities
  • Effectively communicate your solution to customers
  • Learn how to overcome challenging objections
  • How and when to gain commitment

Who Will Benefit

Sales professionals, including Account Executives, Account Managers, Inside Sales Representatives, and other professionals with sales responsibilities.

Program Content

  • Prospecting for New Business 
    • Overcoming call reluctance
    • Leveraging Web 2.0 prospecting tools
    • Seven-step prospecting process to maximize prospecting time
    • Leaving voice mails that get call backs
    • Developing targeted impact/benefit statements
    • Maintaining motivation
  • Planning the Call 
    • Aligning your Sales Process with the Customer's Purchase Process
    • Building great relationships with customers
    • Create greater customer interest with pre-call planning
    • Compelling customer-action sales call objectives
    • Opening a sales call with Reason, Rapport and Response to quickly build customer interest
  • Identifying Priorities 
    • Understanding what motivates buyer's purchase decisions
    • Questioning strategies to identify customer needs, priorities and goals
    • Understanding fact, need and implication questions
    • Helping customers visualize the benefits of making a change
  • Relating & Reinforcing Benefits 
    • Distinguishing between features, advantages, and benefits
    • Connecting benefits to features
    • Relating benefits to the customer's priorities
    • Creating powerful F-A-B statements
    • Reinforcing benefits
    • Presenting and quantifying value-added benefits
  • Managing Feedback 
    • Three techniques for obtaining customer feedback
    • Managing positive feedback to expand the sales opportunity
    • Understanding why customers raise objections
    • Four step process for overcoming objections
    • Strategies for overcoming most challenging objections
  • Gaining Commitment 
    • Understanding when to gain commitment
    • Overcoming reluctance to close
    • Four step process for gaining commitment
    • Negotiating win-win sales results
    • How to avoid price concessions

Program Materials

  • Participant Workbook
  • Sales tools and planners
  • Job aides

Program Delivery

Comprehensive Selling Skills can be delivered onsite as a two day workshop, or via SRG’s Live Virtual Classroom training platform as a series of convenient live online training sessions.


In order to ensure that new selling skills are being mastered and applied, the Comprehensive Selling Skills program includes integrated tools, planners, and job aids, as well as reinforcement sessions conducted virtually through SRG’s Live Virtual Classroom.


SRG understands that each sales organization is unique, with its own culture, processes and set of abilities and challenges. Training programs include pre-training consultation and are personalized for your organization with customized case studies, examples and exercises to better address your unique sales challenges and make the training more relevant to program participants.


If you have a large sales organization, an internal training department or are rapidly growing, the Comprehensive Selling Skills program can be licensed and delivered using your own facilitators. Under our flexible, cost-effective license terms, you can customize, repurpose and deliver the curriculum whenever and as often as you like. Sales Readiness Group also supports your internal trainers with a Train-the-Trainer certification programs on how to deliver the Comprehensive Selling Skills program, including how to facilitate the program virtually.

SRG Can Help You Develop the Sales Skills of Your Team 

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