Low win rates? Excessive discounting? Challenging negotiations? Here’s the underlying issue:

A lack of selling skills.

Your company isn’t alone either. Research shows that 47% of salespeople close less than half of available deals.

They consistently miss sales quotas.

They report a dangerously high number of lost or stalled opportunities.

What’s worse, profit margins are quickly disappearing as reps rely on aggressive discounting tactics in a desperate attempt to close more deals.

Weak selling skills are an even bigger business problem than you might realize. That’s because:

The market is changing, making sales skills more important than ever before.


New competitors are popping up every single day. Customers now have access to unlimited sources of information.

Likeability, relationships, and industry knowledge used to be enough to do well.

That’s not the case anymore.

If you want to build a high-performing sales organization in an increasingly competitive market, your team has to change the way they sell.

So, what’s the difference between sellers who struggle and those who succeed?

  • Instead of pushing customers to buy, high-performing reps align their sales process with the way customers prefer to purchase.
  • Instead of selling products, high-performing sellers promote solutions to customer problems.
  • Instead of relying on discounting tactics, high-performing reps sell on value to counteract price resistance and protect profit margins.
  • Instead of waiting on inbound orders, high-performing sellers proactively create new opportunities with new and existing clients.
  • Instead of letting opportunities go stale, high-performing reps masterfully help clients make better, more informed decisions.

Yes, selling skills are essential. However, sales training alone isn’t enough to boost your sales performance. This is what’s missing:


Few companies consider their training programs effective at improving sales performance.

Despite making significant investments in training, they’re left with a team that’s no better at selling.

That’s because effective sales training is a process, not a one-time event.

To turn new skills into lasting habits that produce results, you need a complete system that’s purposely designed to create true behavioral change for your sales team.

That’s why leading B2B sales organizations partner with the Sales Readiness Group.

Turn your team into top performers, trusted advisors, and master negotiators

with selling skills training that actually sticks.

Our training programs give sales professionals across your organization a complete selling framework, essential skills, and practical tools to proactively create new opportunities and close more profitable deals — even in an increasingly competitive market.


We provide a complete system that includes assessment, customization, engaging training, and ongoing reinforcement, so you get lasting behavioral change that drives sales results.

Highly interactive workshops feature scenario-based learning, business-specific exercises, and role-playing. The program content will benefit different sales roles across your organization, not just sales reps.

Plus! Your salespeople get a consistent approach and common language that’s easy to apply and adopt in the field.


Your team gets proven techniques and tools to improve selling skills across your entire organization.

Our selling skills training programs are equally beneficial for people working in various sales roles across your team, including sales reps, account executives, and account managers.

Our most popular programs include:

Comprehensive Selling Skills Sales professionals learn how to align the sales process with how customers buy to advance opportunities and close more deals.

Value-Driven Selling Sales professionals learn how to sell on value, not price, so they can prevent discounting and protect profit margins.

Value-Driven Negotiating Sales professionals learn how to conquer challenging negotiations and drastically to avoid lost opportunities and unfavorable terms.


Your sales professionals will learn how to...

  • Fill your pipeline with more qualified appointments
  • Increase influence with buyers
  • Tap into buyer motivation to take action
  • Overcome challenging objections that block sales
  • Gain buyer commitment consistently
  • Identify buyer’s roles, priorities, and degrees of influence
  • Close deals at more profitable prices
  • Identify and quantify the value of your solution
  • Develop and deliver compelling sales presentations
  • Differentiate your solution from the competition
  • Overcome price resistance and protect margins
  • Use value to avoid discounting
  • Plan for successful negotiations
  • Trade strategically in negotiations
  • Successfully negotiate with procurement
  • Counter manipulative negotiating tactics

Content is always customized, so the training is highly relevant for real-work challenges.


"What really stood out is that they were able to speak our lingo and understand our business before we even signed a contract.” — Audi Cathcart, Lingraphica

Unlike disappointing off-the-shelf or "canned" trainings, we tailor the curriculum to your business needs and your unique sales culture.

Get personalized case studies, relevant examples, and role-playing exercises to better prepare your team for real-world business challenges.

Easy-to-use skill models make new skills effortless to apply and adopt in the field.

“I learned things I can actually use in my daily sales work.” — Wencor Group

Our programs are skills-based, not theoretical, so your salespeople get practical tools they can apply immediately.

Practical, easy-to-use skills models let your salespeople refresh and reinforce key selling skills before, during, and after customer interactions.

person training a group of people

New skills become lasting habits because reinforcement is built-in.


Effective training is a process, not a one-time event.

Our selling skills training programs include post-training reinforcement sessions, job aids, and tools.

Instead of getting info that's forgotten after a few weeks, we help you create lasting behavioral change that measurably improves sales performance.


Busy and dispersed teams benefit from flexible delivery formats — on-site, live online, on-demand, or blended.

“Their live online training decreased the lost man-hours typically associated with off-site training and proved to be a much more cost-effective training format.” — Tom Monette, MEDTOX

With flexible training formats, you can accommodate salespeople who are beyond busy or hard to pin down.

Get training on-site, live online, on-demand, or choose a blended approach. Together, we’ll build a program that fits the way your team works.



"the best training I've attended
in 20 years of sales”

We know nothing’s worse than being bored to tears for 7 hours straight. Not only is this training effective, it's also engaging. Your salespeople will go into the field feeling energized, excited, and inspired to put new skills into action.

“The training kept us involved and engaged in the discussion by using surveys and the chat boxes. If felt much more interactive than the typical webinar!”

“The facilitator held my attention and made me want to learn what he was teaching. It didn't feel like a lecture. It was engaging.”

“The facilitator made everyone feel welcome and comfortable to participate and open up during role plays.”

See why participants consistently give this program 5 stars.
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The training works too.

After working with SRG...

logo wencor

The Wencor Group saw an almost immediate increase in the average value per customer order.

“SRG’s sales training curriculum aligned with our needs to transition our sales organization from a product sale to a solution sale. SRG created customized examples, exercises, and role-plays that captured real-world selling situations across our diverse business units. The skills learned are fundamentally enhancing the way we interact with customers. We saw an almost immediate increase in the average value per customer order. Most importantly, we are aligned with our leadership and executing on our sales strategy.” — Bert Trantham, Wencor Group

logo medtox

A MEDTOX division grew its annual revenue by 243% over the previous year.

“What I found the most appealing about SRG is how they took the time on the front-end to figure out the specific challenges that we were coming up against in the market and made recommendations on how to hone our message to resonate better with our client base. I definitely feel like this training gave our reps more confidence, language to utilize, and stronger fact-finding skills. They’re better at identifying needs and presenting the available solutions bringing value to our clients. It absolutely impacted our sales growth.” — Tom Monette, MEDTOX

When results matter, work with us.

Leading sales organizations across industries trust us to train their sales teams because they know the Sales Readiness Group (SRG) is an industry-leading sales training company.

Our skills-based training programs produce sustainable behavior change. That’s why we’ve ranked on SellingPower Magazine’s Top Sales Training Companies list for the past 10 years.

We’ve trained teams in multiple industries, including Life Sciences, Technology, Financial Services, Professional Services, and Manufacturing.

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