Value-Driven Selling Program

Value-Driven Selling

Value-Driven Selling is a powerful training program that provides sales professionals with skills, tools, and strategies to successfully sell value to buyers. This workshop will benefit sales professionals, including account executives, account managers, inside sales representatives, and other professionals with sales responsibilities.

Value-Driven Selling is delivered as a two-day workshop and is facilitated onsite and includes post-training reinforcement to ensure real-world skills application and adoption. We also offer Train-the-Trainer for companies looking to license the Value-Driven Selling program and bring it in-house.

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Turn your salespeople into trusted advisors for better results!

Sell on Value Instead of Price

Sales professionals frequently talk about selling value, but few know how to do it. The best way to offset pricing pressure is by identifying, quantifying, and presenting value to a buyer. The Value-Driven Selling workshop teaches sales professionals how to bring value throughout the sales process to close more business.

Your Sales Team Will Learn How to:

  • Win new profitable business
  • Maximize how value is presented
  • Pinpoint decision maker's roles, influencers, and priorities
  • Present intangible values in a convincing manner
  • Use value questions to identify problems and opportunities
  • Identify tangible and intangible value of your solution
  • Quantify the value of your solution 
  • Develop a compelling value sales presentation
  • Differentiate your solution from the competition 
  • Use value selling to avoid discounting
Download Curriculum Overview

All Our Sales Training Programs Are Customized

Each sales organization is unique, with its own culture, processes and set of abilities and challenges. Our training programs include pre-training consultation and are personalized for your organization with customized case studies, examples and exercises to better address your unique sales challenges and make the training more relevant to program participants. Comprehensive Selling Skills can be customized to any experience level.

Make your sales training program relevant with our customized solutions.
A complete training program to improve selling skills and deliver sustainable results.

Develop Sustainable Selling Skills

The foundation of our training programs designed to create sustainable changes in sales behaviors.  Our training programs are not single events, but rather part of an overall sales training system that includes assessment, customization, engaging training and ongoing reinforcement.  At Sales Readiness Group, we deliver training programs that produce real behavior change and improve sales results.

Licensing for In-House Training

If you have a large sales organization, an internal training department or are rapidly growing, the Value-Driven Selling program can be licensed and delivered using your own facilitators. Under our flexible, cost-effective license terms, you can customize, repurpose and deliver the curriculum whenever and as often as you like. Sales Readiness Group also supports your internal trainers with a Train-the-Trainer certification program on how to deliver the Value-Driven Selling program, including how to facilitate the program virtually.

Deliver an industry leading sales training program with your own facilitators.

What Our Clients are Saying

"SRG is easy to work with and very responsive. They took the time to understand our business and training priorities, and their customization process was very efficient."

"During our training, you could see how involved our team was – they were really working hard at it. And that is exactly what we were looking for."


"SRG was very willing to incorporate our sales process into the training based on the unique nature of our solutions and how they are sold."

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Partner with an industry leading sales training company to improve selling skills.

Industry Leading Sales Training Company

SRG featured clients range from Fortune 500 companies to mid-sized businesses across all industries. We have numerous client success stories that demonstrate our willingness to understand your business and implement programs that focus on the right skills and behaviors that impact results. SRG has been included in Selling Power’s Magazine's Top Sales Training Companies list for ten consecutive years.

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